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A Storage Shed Makes Great Home Storage

If you have considered storage shed, you are on the way to saving money long-term. By virtue of building your shed on your own property, you will avoid paying monthly rental fees at your local mini-storage!

Granted, mini storage rentals make sense for many situations. But if you own property, and simply need a place to keep extra household goods, tools, yard equipment, or your spouse, then a storage shed is for you.

You will want to figure out what size shed to put in your back yard. Choosing one can be difficult because you will have to carefully consider what your current, and future, needs are. So stop to consider some things before you go out shopping for a storage shed.

  • What do you need in a shed today?
  • What do you need in a shed five years from now?
  • Is is only for storage, or will you be spending time in it (like a workshop)?
  • What types of items will you be storing?

You might want to think about whether it will be holding some garden tools, a lawn mower, or some storage that doesn't quite fit in your home.

If you just need a storage shed to hold your garden tools you can definitely choose something small - perhaps as small as a 6' x 6'. If you need it for a lawnmower or larger storage you will have to go with something larger. Folks build anywhere from 8' x 8' to something with a width of 25' or greater.

Small Sheds for Garden Equipment
A small metal storage shed will
save you money and time
Large Storage Sheds are Available
Go larger if you need to. Sheds
can be all different sizes.

Unless you have good reason for one, you should avoid...
Mini Storage Costs Money
The expensive mini storage. Click here to compare...
Over the Course of Time...

Storage Sheds can look nice...
Nice Storage Sheds
Or Not So Nice...
Run Down Shed

Choose Wisely!

Whether you are a resident of the greater Phoenix or Tempe area or an out-of-state Internet customer an outdoor steel storage building from Absolute Steel & Storage will give you decades of value and service. And if you live within our service area, we can arrange for a professional installation of your shed kit.

For years we have supplied our neighbors in Arizona and all across America with our steel buildings, garge kits, carport kit and storage products so when we set out to make a quality steel storage shed that you could use for your backyard, we put the same integrity and engineering into it that our full-sized buildings are famous for. The result?

The finished product is so superior to the competition’s “wood shacks” and "rubber closets" they call storage sheds that we don’t even like to call it a storage shed… introducing, the Residential Utility Building or “RUB” as it became known as on the factory floor!

See more steel building kits from our manufacturer.

Rugged & Durable Storage Solutions:

Our frame systems are made of 2” x 2” 15 gauge steel that is galvanized and has Allied’s Patented Flo-Coat process applied to the outside. This practically impenetrable, patented, triple coat process ensures your frame system is of the highest integrity possible—and stays that way! Storage Building Kit Technical Specifications

The exteriors to our residential utility buildings are made of the same rugged 26 gauge steel panels that you’ll find on the big industrial buildings. The paint finish on these panels is warranted for twenty-five years against fading, chalking or peeling. View the Storage Shed color chart.

The Steel Advantage: There are many benefits that steel has over wood, both in the construction process and to you, the owner:

Construction Benefits
Owner Benefits
Virtually maintenance free!
No more cracked, warped or splitting boards!
No termite or pest problems!
No waste!
Never warps or distorts with age!
Faster assembly!
Virtually never needs painting!

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